Friday, February 18, 2011


wabit wink wink :')

yep,someone nk test kmahiran boxing sy..!

knak2 ribena trsebut ialah ex adik sy,mohd **** bin *******..

not sure y they broken up,but he is being so mean plus unforgivenly jerk to my

little mens outside,girl's heart is NOT CHEAP AS U THINK IT IS.

kalu x nk go on dgn relationship,x prlu tyng gf baru sbg bkti btapa hot n available nye anda..

n my sister bukn x dye pity dat boy x sdar bnde tu..

so pity jgk bdk llki tu x tau btape protectivenye sy pd siblings sy..

watch your back boy once sy dah alik slangor..amy,sorry

that im not by ur side at tis must have been hard.. :(

p/s : amy,kkak always with and miss u always :)

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